• glamadventure-ecogarden10

    Ecogarden of Science Centre Singapore

    Science Center was one of the first places we visited in Singapore. And we continue still. It is not just a place where you can hide from the rainy weather. There is always something new to learn – not only for our Little One but for us adults too. Vedecké centrum bolo jedno z prvých […] Read more…

  • glamadventure-boracay10

    A little bit of romance

    Traveling can be a great experience. But also very exhausting, especially when you travel with children. You wouldn´t have only extraordinary experiences, but as well a fatigue, a stress and a frustration. But what you will be remember after returning home will be amazing moments that we had together. That a little bit of romance […] Read more…


  • glamadventure-kidzania4

    Some fun and LINK UP

    When you are a parent, it is practically impossible to avoid theme parks. Great are the ones which are called the “edutainment” – they combine the education and the entertainment. We visited such indoor theme park this weekend. Our Little One had great time there and he learned a lot of things. It’s fun for […] Read more…

  • glamadventure-celebration7

    Dress on pants and LINK UP

    Most women are for some reason dissatisfied with their body. I’m pretty sure that you have already red such statistics somewhere in the magazine. If not, on Google you can find plenty of these . But I think that any deep digging isn’t necessary. I know no woman around me, regardless of age and weight, […] Read more…


  • Magnetky_kyticky


    I have a secret “deviation”. I love office supply and stationary shops.. o) Who would say that even such dull and functional things can have a wonderful and playful design. I can get lost in there for long minutes and study the envelopes, beautifully colored pins and similar loveliness. I know that most of these […] Read more…

  • IMG_5743_1

    Irresistible Me DIAMOND Hair Styler Review

    I have a long fine hair. They are not completely straight or wavy. To do a nice hairstyle  requires a little effort. For example, sleep on the curlers. It is very uncomfortable and it takes a long time. I want a quick solution. Something like a nice hairstyle in less than 10 minutes. Therefore, it was […] Read more…


  • Lazy day in Sentoza Insadong Korea Town 4

    Lazy day in Sentosa II.

    Lazy day in Sentosa (a few pictures you can find HERE) usually pleased taste cells. If you are craving for some “street food”, one option is Insandong Korea Town. The name of the restaurant refers to the well known street “Insandong street” in Seule. It is the largest Korean restaurants, which I came across in […] Read more…

  • IMG_3164_1

    Wiener Schnitzel

      It is impossible to be in Vienna and not to taste some real “Wiener Schnitzel” – excellent veal cutlet. And how great it tastes in spanning spaces of the ESTERHÁZY KELLER opened in 1863. This cellar remembers the famous Battle of Vienna, where the Habsburgs defeated the Ottoman Empire. The cutlet is served with […] Read more…