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    My Red Carpet fashion link up is on again

    I’m so happy that the fashion link up My Red Carpet is open again. I’m looking forward to see your great styles! Som rada, že fashion link up My Red Carpet je zase otvorený. Teším sa na Vás.   ♥♥♥ Read more…

  • Happy Chinese New Year

    Happy Chinese New Year!

    This is what I love on Singapore. I can celebrate New Year twice! I wish that the Year of the Fire Rooster brings the happiness and prosperity to your homes. Toto na Singapure milujem. Môžem osláviť Nový Rok hneď dvakrát. Všetkým želám, abyRok Ohnivého Kohúta priniesol šťastie a prosperitu do Vaších domovov. ♥♥♥     Read more…


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    My kindness is NOT a weakness

    My parents always  taught me to be kind. They told me to be considerate and looking out for other people. And this is very important. If we would like to coexist somehow in the society, the basic human decency is necessary. And life is so much better if people around you are nice and show […] Read more…

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    Pink feathers earrings and LINK UP

    Today I wanted to wear something delicate and feminine – like these pink feather earrings. Because this is exactly what I would like to write about. I feel that  we are missing femininity recently. I’m a feminist as long as I can remember. Over the years, my perception of what it really means to be […] Read more…


  • Magnetky_kyticky


    I have a secret “deviation”. I love office supply and stationary shops.. o) Who would say that even such dull and functional things can have a wonderful and playful design. I can get lost in there for long minutes and study the envelopes, beautifully colored pins and similar loveliness. I know that most of these […] Read more…

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    Irresistible Me DIAMOND Hair Styler Review

    I have a long fine hair. They are not completely straight or wavy. To do a nice hairstyle  requires a little effort. For example, sleep on the curlers. It is very uncomfortable and it takes a long time. I want a quick solution. Something like a nice hairstyle in less than 10 minutes. Therefore, it was […] Read more…


  • Lazy day in Sentoza Insadong Korea Town 4

    Lazy day in Sentosa II.

    Lazy day in Sentosa (a few pictures you can find HERE) usually pleased taste cells. If you are craving for some “street food”, one option is Insandong Korea Town. The name of the restaurant refers to the well known street “Insandong street” in Seule. It is the largest Korean restaurants, which I came across in […] Read more…

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    Wiener Schnitzel

      It is impossible to be in Vienna and not to taste some real “Wiener Schnitzel” – excellent veal cutlet. And how great it tastes in spanning spaces of the ESTERHÁZY KELLER opened in 1863. This cellar remembers the famous Battle of Vienna, where the Habsburgs defeated the Ottoman Empire. The cutlet is served with […] Read more…