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When did you last time feel joy in your life? … Just because the sun is shining and the sky is blue, because you have had a nice dream and you are waking up with a smile on your lips or dancing like crazy at home, because the radio is playing a good song. Kedy […] Read more…

BALI – silver and gold smith


Bali surprised me not only for beauty for its nature, but also for something that will please every woman. I discovered are extremely skilful artistic smiths who their creativity and cultural heritage translate into gorgeous silver and gold jewelry. Bali ma prekvapilo nielen svojimi prírodnými krásami, ale aj niečím, čo poteší oko každej ženy.  Objavila […] Read more…



“Stay connected” This could be a motto  these days. I’m definitely not complaining. I am addicted to information technology and I search the Internet even in the middle of the rainforest. „Zostaňte pripojení!“ To by mohlo byť heslo dnešných dní. Ja sa rozhodne nesťažujem. Som na informačných technológiách závislá a internet hľadám aj uprostred dažďového pralesa.   There […] Read more…



Is it my generation torn? Now, in mid-life anchored in the past and whatch with the hope what will come. I love all the technical innovations. I am a blogger and I am active on social networks. I look for Wifi in the middle of the rainforest. The iPhone is “MY PRECIOUS !!!” .  When […] Read more…



Such a rainy week – what a nice change … Where are those times when I did not like the rain. I found it boring, sad, annoying, gray, depressing, displeasant. He kept me at home and outside was so beutiful interesting world. And I wanted to run out, far away, fast and discover everything, see […] Read more…

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