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Wiener Schnitzel


  It is impossible to be in Vienna and not to taste some real “Wiener Schnitzel” – excellent veal cutlet. And how great it tastes in spanning spaces of the ESTERHÁZY KELLER opened in 1863. This cellar remembers the famous Battle of Vienna, where the Habsburgs defeated the Ottoman Empire. The cutlet is served with […] Read more…

House of Music


Vienna is a city of music, no doubt. With this town are associated names of giants of classical music such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Joseph Haydn, the Strauss family, Franz Shubert, Johannes Brahms and Gustav Mahler. When you want about them or about music in general learn more, Haus of Music in […] Read more…

Blue Bratislava


Whenever I go to Bratislava, this city gives me the impression of melancholy. Even now it was so. And I do not think it was because it was dressed in the autumn. Bratislava has a special atmosphere. Good example could be the streets of the Old Town. On the one side charming corners as beautiful […] Read more…

Greetings from Vienna


  However I like the warm weather, I am missing four seasons. For a few weeks I moved back to Europe. Beautiful warm November waits, wiping the last leaves on the trees for me. Let me send you  greetings from the beautiful second best city to live in the world – from Vienna. Akokoľvek mám rada […] Read more…



The walk in the autumn park. What a pleasant change after a hot tropical weather. I found my long desired riding boots. Now I can  enjoy the last sunny and relatively warm November’s days until winter comes. Prechádzka v jesennom parku. Aké príjemné zmena po horúcom tropickom počasí. Našla som aj vytúžené jazdecké čižmy. Teraz len užívať […] Read more…

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