január 2018 archive

Pink feathers earrings and LINK UP

glamadventure whiteshirtdress7

Today I wanted to wear something delicate and feminine – like these pink feather earrings. Because this is exactly what I would like to write about. I feel that  we are missing femininity recently. I’m a feminist as long as I can remember. Over the years, my perception of what it really means to be […] Read more…

Grey jeans and LINK UP

glamadventure casual5

The last few weeks were exactly what you would expect from the monsoon period – rainy and gray. There was almost no sun to see. Only when the clouds were torn I have realized how much I missed sunlight. That immediately changed my mood and I want to try a few new things. Posledné týžne […] Read more…

Black boho dress and LINK UP

glamadventure blackboho1

Do you have some New Year’s resolutions? Or is it already an outdated concept? I think, I’ll keep New Year’s resolutions. The end of the year with its wonderful Christmas atmosphere,  has renewed my faith in the good, as always. And at the beginning of the year, with the same spirit, I find it a […] Read more…