A little bit of romance

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Traveling can be a great experience. But also very exhausting, especially when you travel with children. You wouldn´t have only extraordinary experiences, but as well a fatigue, a stress and a frustration. But what you will be remember after returning home will be amazing moments that we had together. That a little bit of romance that you take away with you. Wonderful moments, like these on the Boracay island where we were enjoying the dinner right on the beach and watching the incredible sunsets.These are moments when you know that it was worth to live.

Cestovanie môže byť úžasná skúsenosť. Ale aj veľmi vyčerpávajúca, zvlášť keď cestujete s deťmi. Zažijete nielen nevšedné zážitky, ale aj únavu, stres a frustráciu. Ale to čo si potom , budeme pamätať po návrate domov, sú práve tie úžasné chvílle, ktoré sme spolu zažili. Tú trošku romantiky, ktorú si odnesieme so sebou. Nádherné chvíle, ako keď sme si užívali na ostrove Boracay večeru priamo na pláži a pozorovali neuveriteľné západy slnka.Toto sú momenty, keď viete, že stálo za to žiť.














  • Tina von tinaspinkfriday

    stunning pictures Anna Shirley ♥️

    • http://www.glamadventure.com/ Anna Shirley

      Thank you Tina.o)

  • http://awayfromtheblue.blogspot.com/ Mica

    Wow those sunset are beautiful! What stunning views to have seen and enjoyed :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

    • http://www.glamadventure.com/ Anna Shirley

      Thank you Mica. It was really amazing.

  • http://www.blackcoffeebeautiful.com Laura

    Unbelievably beautiful!!!!


    • http://www.glamadventure.com/ Anna Shirley

      Thank you very much Laura.

  • Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom

    That private dinner looks so pretty on the beach! I also love all of the sunset photos. SO, so pretty! Yes, traveling with kids can be chaotic, but there are def. moments you remember for a lifetime!


    • http://www.glamadventure.com/ Anna Shirley

      These moments were worth it. Thank you Carrie. o)

  • Jeanna Olson

    So incredible I had to post some to Pinterest.

    • http://www.glamadventure.com/ Anna Shirley

      I’m looking at them very often too. Thank you Jeanna.

  • http://www.fotogeograf.blogspot.com Jarek

    Beautiful captures and light!

    • http://www.glamadventure.com/ Anna Shirley

      Thank you very much Jarek.

  • http://inmyjoi.blogspot.com/ InMyJoi


    • http://www.glamadventure.com/ Anna Shirley

      Thank you Dear.

  • Coco Cami

    Great post, thank you for sharing :)

    Camille xo


    • http://www.glamadventure.com/ Anna Shirley

      Thank you for stopping by Coco. o)

  • Kelly M
    • http://www.glamadventure.com/ Anna Shirley

      Thank you Kelly.

  • http://www.lizzieinlace.com Liz H.

    These pictures are just gorgeous!! I’d love to visit someday <3



    • http://www.glamadventure.com/ Anna Shirley

      Boracay is wonderful island. For sure worth to visit. Thank you Lizzie. o)

  • http://www.mywhitet.com/ Jessi

    This location looks incredible babe!! So gorgeous <3 Love all these photos so much!

    XO, Jessi

    • http://www.glamadventure.com/ Anna Shirley

      Thank you Jessi. I had so lovely memories from this holiday. o)

  • http://danalovesfashionandmusic.blogspot.de/ Dana

    Wooow! Heavenly beautiful pictures, looks like paradise! How amazing it must look in real..
    Thank you so much for sharing this beauties with us !

    have a goog time my dear friend

  • http://www.50daysofnogrey.wordpress.com Colleen @ 50 Days of No Grey

    Oh my! Those are just beautiful pictures! You have captured the beach in such an amazing way.

    • http://www.glamadventure.com/ Anna Shirley

      Thank you very much. It was amazing holiday. Such a memories!