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I have a secret “deviation”. I love office supply and stationary shops.. o) Who would say that even such dull and functional things can have a wonderful and playful design. I can get lost in there for long minutes and study the envelopes, beautifully colored pins and similar loveliness. I know that most of these […] Read more…

Irresistible Me DIAMOND Hair Styler Review


I have a long fine hair. They are not completely straight or wavy. To do a nice hairstyle  requires a little effort. For example, sleep on the curlers. It is very uncomfortable and it takes a long time. I want a quick solution. Something like a nice hairstyle in less than 10 minutes. Therefore, it was […] Read more…



I love my new iPhone. It’s my new PRECIOUS! O) It is black and silver – a beautiful design. It Is not pity to conceal it with some cover? But it need some cover –  not to be scratched. We know what  is in a woman’s purse. Mám rada svoj nový iPhone. Je to môj […] Read more…

REVLON – scented nail enamel review


I was looking for some nail polish, which could well complement my outfit in white, red and blue. In the drugstore caught  my attention cute little bottles reminded small perfumes. They were scented nail polish from REVLON – Parfumeries –  shades Ginger melon and Tropical rain. Such poetic names and very nice summer color. Hľadala […] Read more…

SEPHORA – Supreme body lotion review


By my last purchase in Sephora  I received complimentary gift – SEPHORA – Supreme body lotion. I tested the scent immediately in the store. I always smell everything first.o) It was a pleasant surprise. The aroma is light, fresh and subtle. The packaging is simple and practical. I prefer more dosing pump, but with a tube […] Read more…

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