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Floral maxi dress and LINK UP


This is my third part of the holiday miniseries. I know of no better place for maxi dress with a floral pattern as a tropical island. Thai island of Koh Yao Yai has beautiful scenery for this miniseries. If you would like to see a bit more of this island, see more HERE. Toto je […] Read more…

Boho maxi dress and LINK UP


Outside it is gray and it is raining nonstop for several hours. The rainy season is in full swing. So I prefer to digging in the photos from our last vacation in Thailand. Sun, heat, beach ….. and maxi dresses. These boho dress I used as a long top over jeans (more HERE). The dress […] Read more…



Romance …. that would be the word if should choose just one to describe our last adventure on the Thai island Koh Yao Yai. Long before the departure I was looking for something to pack in my holiday suitcase. As soon as I saw these lace baby doll dress, I knew that this is the […] Read more…

Some fun and LINK UP


When you are a parent, it is practically impossible to avoid theme parks. Great are the ones which are called the “edutainment” – they combine the education and the entertainment. We visited such indoor theme park this weekend. Our Little One had great time there and he learned a lot of things. It’s fun for […] Read more…

Dress on pants and LINK UP


Most women are for some reason dissatisfied with their body. I’m pretty sure that you have already red such statistics somewhere in the magazine. If not, on Google you can find plenty of these . But I think that any deep digging isn’t necessary. I know no woman around me, regardless of age and weight, […] Read more…

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