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Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year

This is what I love on Singapore. I can celebrate New Year twice! I wish that the Year of the Fire Rooster brings the happiness and prosperity to your homes. Toto na Singapure milujem. Môžem osláviť Nový Rok hneď dvakrát. Všetkým želám, abyRok Ohnivého Kohúta priniesol šťastie a prosperitu do Vaších domovov. ♥♥♥     Read more…

SANTHIYA Koh Yao Yai, Thailand


  ➡ Watch the video in the end of the post. Our last adventure we planned a few months ahead. We had three simple conditions: 1. the country where it is warm weather, 2. place close to the sea and 3. somewhere we have not been yet. The choice fell on Thailand. We went to […] Read more…

I’am on YOUTUBE!

Im on youtube

  ➡ Watch the video      I decided to explore other possibilities of the Internet and a little bit spiced up the  articles with video. So when you see this sign: Rozhodla som sa preskúmať ďalšie možnosti internetu a trošku opepriť svoje články videom. Takže, keď uvidíte túto značku: ➡ Watch the video You […] Read more…

Ecogarden of Science Centre Singapore


Science Center was one of the first places we visited in Singapore. And we continue still. It is not just a place where you can hide from the rainy weather. There is always something new to learn – not only for our Little One but for us adults too. Vedecké centrum bolo jedno z prvých […] Read more…

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