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new diary

I have once again a new diary. Beautiful, oldfashioned, paper and in pastel green color … People usually buy diary in the end of the old year. Not me. I am waiting and waiting – almost till end of January. It’s not that my new diary is not important to me – on the contrary. […] Read more…



We were looking forward to Europe on a beautiful white Christmas. Instead, Europe experienced extremly high temperatures for winter period and we saw snow just from this distance: Tak veľmi sme sa tešili do Európy na krásne biele Vianoce. Namiesto toho Európa zažívala extrémne vysoké teploty pre zimné obdobie a sneh sme videli len takto z diaľky: […] Read more…

Vienna in the rain


Many people check the weather forecasts before the holiday with the concern – just no rain, please nice weather … Rain also has its own beauty. When yousfor a moment forget the little personal discomfort, you can see the city completely differently. “Paris is the most beautiful in the rain.” said Gil, the main character […] Read more…

Blue Bratislava


Whenever I go to Bratislava, this city gives me the impression of melancholy. Even now it was so. And I do not think it was because it was dressed in the autumn. Bratislava has a special atmosphere. Good example could be the streets of the Old Town. On the one side charming corners as beautiful […] Read more…

Greetings from Vienna


  However I like the warm weather, I am missing four seasons. For a few weeks I moved back to Europe. Beautiful warm November waits, wiping the last leaves on the trees for me. Let me send you  greetings from the beautiful second best city to live in the world – from Vienna. Akokoľvek mám rada […] Read more…

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