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Old year is gone, new year is here. There is something on the beginning of the new year. We celebrate the arrival of new year quite immensely, if you think about it. I understand why. It gives us the closure. Whatever we went through last year, good or bad, it is gone now. We all know that it is not entirely true. We still need to solve, what wasn’t solve before. But new year is a new beginning. A new beginning  gives us a hope – a hope that everything will be better.  A new beginning lets us dream. A new beginning is full of the possibilities.

After holiday, where we were reunited with the family and friends, when the Christmas reignited the hope in us once again and after celebrating and welcoming a new year, we are ready. For what? For the life we were always dreaming of! Of course, you can start whenever you want. I just like specifically this period of time, as I feel strongly motivated to do something. But let’s start, before the whole motivation, you created so far, will be melted in to ordinary days.

Let me clarify something right now (spoiler alert): The whole “magic” of creating for ourselves a dream life is not gonna happened by itself. Yes, we have to do something about it. The very first step is to imagine what kind of life you would like to live. And be very honest to yourself, think about what you really want, what you really desire. Don’t be afraid, dream big. Maybe it sounds very unrealistic at the moment. And I get it. If somebody would tell me 5 years ago, that I’ll be living on tropical island an I’ll be blogger, I would send him/her to a doctor to check his/her mental health. Crazy! Because, something like that could never happened, right? And yet, here I’m am – living in Singapore and writing you this blog post.

Think about what you want and how you would like to feel about your life. So what it is? Here are some examples: have some badass job, to quit 9-5 job and be more with the family, maybe to have your own company, travel the world, be healthy, be loved, have a good friends, loose some weight, be free, be happy, have a financial security, have a your own house,…. etc. See the whole picture. Those are not goals yet. In my next post we will focus on goals. We are dreaming now.

If you sort it out what you want, it is time to visualize this whole idea. Humans are very visual creatures. That’s why is for example Instagram so popular. And we are going everything you dream of to put on the vision/mood board (choose which term you like more). It gives you something you can hold on to the whole year. Something which keep you going when you will experience some failures (oh yes, there will be some failures, but don’t worry, they are manageable). It will keeps you motivated and focused all the time.

If you prefer more old fashion way, you will need an actual board, some pictures, old motivation magazines, scissors and glue. You are creating collage of pictures and affirmation and words representing what you want. I’m sure that creative people will love this project. You can search for some inspirations on Pinterest.

Another possibility (I prefer this one more), it is to use app for creating the vision board. There are many apps for that. I found some reviews which can help you to choose the right app for you. Some of them are paid, some are free. You can create something which will be always with you in your phone and you can have a look at it as often as you need. That’s why I prefer app before the classic board (I can’t have the classic board all time with me, haven’t I?). But this is up to you, up to your preferences.

I chose pictures for this post from the exhibition “An Another Space”,  which we saw it in Esplanade. The artist created the space with the real windows, artificial windows and the charcoal drawings. It feels so real. And this is exactly what you are creating with the visual board. You are creating something which is not real yet (emphasis on “yet”), but it already has the physical form. You can see it, you can touch it. And this is the first step.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Lao Tzu 






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