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Something what should be a short pause turned out to be a few months long break from blogging. The start was actually very innocent. I didn’t realize that is something wrong.  I could’t post the article because of some minor technical problems. The issue was solved quickly, but I didn’t get back to blogging. I felt such a big relieve. That was a very strange and unexpected feeling.

I used to love blogging. Every single step of it. Suddenly, it didn’t mean anything. It was just pure stress. No joy, no love. I stopped everything. All those months, I didn’t open WordPress. I didn’t open my websites. I logged out from my email, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. I burnt those bridges behind me. And it felt fantastic! After a few weeks, I was pretty sure that I’m not going to blog ever again.

However, I didn’t cut all ties with my blogging life. I keep one small thing. I keep my IG account. This one kept me going. And also maybe reinvented my love for blogging. It kept me inspired by other amazing bloggers. After a few months, everything is different. I recharged my internal “batteries”. I find my joy a love for blogging again. I have new energy and I’m ready to try some new things. Wish me luck!  🙂