Blogging after long break

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Did you have very long break from blogging? I did. And there are a few things or tips I would like to share with you. Maybe they can help you to start blogging as soon as possible.


If you are lucky, your web hosting and domain name didn’t expired. I was lucky only for 50 %. I managed to update the fashion/life style blog, but I lost my travel blog. So even if you are taking long and well deserved break from blogging, keep at least the basic services. Maybe it is not only break from blogging for you, maybe you think that it is permanent. Give yourself a chance to change your mind.

Than you can log in to your blog. Hopefully, you still remember how.  🙂  Now you can update plugins. Or remove old ones which don’t work anymore.


Do some back up for your blog. Maybe use some plugin. Or do it in Word and have it somewhere in your PC. Find some way which works best for you. I’m happy that I did. So I can recreate my travel blog again. It wouldn’t be separate blog anymore. It will be part of this blog. That’s why is the new item in the menu – TRAVEL.


Let everybody know that you are back. Write the post. Announce your comeback on your social media. Engage your readers again.


After long break, I’m sure you are full of ideas. Try something something new. Test your creativity.  Meet online with other like minded people. They give you motivation and more ideas. I’m sure your readers will appreciate it as well.


Find out the blogging schedule. Something which is working good with your other family life, working life, friend life,etc., etc. Try to follow that routine. But don’t put yourself under more pressure that it is necessary. You know, balance is EVERYTHING.

Shoes: NEXT

Dress: NEXT

Bag: local market Bali

Necklace, earrings and bracelet: local market Indonesia


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