Bob haircut in black and white

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And here it is! Bob haircut – the most chic and fashionable hairstyle. Never go out of style and it is so versatile. And maybe now it is a time to mention that I didn’t cut my hair. I wanted to, but I didn’t.

To be honest, short (or shorter) hair will be more practical here. Here is very hot and humid. It means  that it is much pleasant to have your hair out of your neck. I already had bob haircut and I loved it. So I decided to cut my hair again. I was so sure. Absolutely sure. And I backed off at the last minute.  😀

So I tried something else – faux bob. I got inspiration from my fellow blogger Rama. She had a lot of hairstyle inspirations on her blog CHEZ RAMAShe has a beautiful hair. I wasn’t sure if my fine hair would cooperate and let me to create the same hairstyle she did. Here you can see my results. It was quite good considering that I did it for a very first time.  😎  (HERE you can check Rama’s tutorial). 

I chose black and white outfit for this post. The dress over the pants is still something I like and wear. When I saw pictures on my PC, I kinda feel that I need for this black and white outfit black and white pictures as well. I hope you will like this way too.

T-shirt : ESPRIT



Dress: local market


Sunglasses: ALDO


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