Chinese New Year 2020 in Singapore

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Chinese New Year 2020
Chines New Year decoration

At the turn of the year, we have a lot of celebration – Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year (or Spring Festival). For those who celebrate Chinese New Year, I have a wish for you: may your family be blessed with good health and good fortune this year. This year is Year of the Rat. (You can find last year post HERE).

Where is CNY celebrated

CNY is celebrated not only in China but all over the world where Chinese people are living. It is a significant event in Singapore too. Approximately 76 % of Singapore’s nation are Chinese people, so it makes them the larger ethnic group.

Date of Chinese New Year

The date of the Chinese New Year is not the same every year. It follows the lunar calendar so that it can be from January 21 to February 20. This year we had four free days in a row. We were looking forward to visiting China Town and take a lot of pictures. China Town is so beautifully decorated this time of the year.

The massive human migration

Chinese families are looking forward to meeting again. This is a significant time when the whole family is together and have a reunion dinner. Family members are traveling home to be with the entire family. Or people go overseas to enjoy the holiday. It causes the most massive human migration in the world.

CNY 2020 in Singapore

For Singapore, it usually means that all attractions are overcrowded, and everywhere are long cues. This year it was different. As the novel coronavirus started to spread from Wuhan, China, we needed to take precautions and stayed away from crowds. Today, when I’m posting this article, we have ten confirmed cases – all tourists from Wuhan. Let’s hope that it will not be worse.