Flower green dress over pants

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Black mask as a fashion item

Styling a flower green dress over pants is my go-to look these days. I can’t tell you how happy I’m that the quarantine (or first phase of circuit breaker how we called it in Singapore ) is over. We can breathe again – just figuratively, as wearing masks outside is mandatory. After a very long time, we went out and made fashion pictures. It felt almost normal.

I feel the impact of the quarantine on my body. It is not so much about gaining weight; it is more about missing many hours outside activities for months and losing flexibility. Some clothes don’t fit me anymore. You know what? It doesn’t matter. We are having a damn lousy year. We can be kind to yourself. It is needed more than ever. We need to love the body we are in right now.

I bought this green dress a few months ago before the quarantine. I didn’t wear it. For grocery shopping, I prefer something comfy, like jeans and a t-shirt. If I were buying this dress now, I would opt for upsizing. But it doesn’t mean that the dress isn’t useful still. I immediately knew that I would like to wear this flower green dress over pants. I style this before – HERE.

The dress has a pretty flower pattern, and I want to highlight it. That’s why other clothing pieces are simple. I played with colors. I like the blue and green color together. The jeggings are in dark blue; the tops are in beautiful teal. The tassel earrings served like a red color accent. You can wear the dress open or button up a few buttons if you want to emphasize the waist. I’m always paying attention to that. I’m wearing a black reusable mask; as I said, it is mandatory here. I’m thinking of buying more colors. I’m starting to see the cover as a protection and as a fashion item as well. Don’t forget to follow me on INSTAGRAM and PINTEREST.

Do you use the mask as a fashion item too?

Green dress over pants - red tassel earrings
Green dress over pants
Green dress over pants - button up to emphasize the waist
The green dress over pants - platform sandals