Green is good

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Green isn’t my favourite color. Or maybe it is, but I always chose wrong shade and it doesn’t look good on me. Don’t take me wrong, I like green color on nature. I like it around me. It is soothing. Now is time to reflect that to my clothes too. I saw beautiful emerald green outfit on Instagram and I love it. Elisa @elisafrancuzskamoda challenged me (kind of  🙂 ) to like green. So challenge accepted. Don’t forget to check her romantic style on her feed.

I was able to find 3 pieces of clothes in green color and I’ll present them to you one by one. My first find was this olive green dress. I’m starting with this piece, because it is from IORA – Singaporean brand. And I’m on my mission to find (and present to you) some local brands where I can buy nice clothes and where they have plus sizes too.

IORA has very humble beginning. They opened they first store in 1998 in Chinatown. Now they have their own in-house design team here and they produce clothing in Hong Kong. Now you can find IORA clothes out of Singapore too – in Malaysia, Cambodia, Phillippines and Maynmar. I found their fashion simple, trendy, but still classy. And very affordable. They have a lot of clothes in my size too. The dress is lightweight which is big plus so close to the equator. I love this olive green shade. Here is how I styled the dress.

Dress: IORA



Sunglasses: NEXT

Earrings: boutique at Haji Lane


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