Happy Blogoversary!

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It is 3 years since I started this blog. It is unbelievable (at least for me). It feels like yesterday that I finished all the technical staff and I finally posted my 1st post here. That was amazing! Maybe it is time to tell you why I started with blogging on the first place. There are many bloggers out there and every blogger has a different story.

Four years ago, my hubby got a new job and we moved from Europe (Prague) to Singapore. Such an amazing new life experience. We are living on tropical island! But it also meant dramatic change of the life style. My hubby has continued with his carrier without the interruption. For me, that was a different story. It is very difficult to find a job here as a foreigner. After a while, we decided that I stay home as a housewife.

I was working in a finance in a big multinational companies before. That was quite a big jump from the corporate life to a housewife. On the beginning, I was busy. There were many things to do to settle in the new city – to do a paper work regarding our residence, to equip an apartment, to find a kindergarten for a child, to find where to buy a grocery, to find out how the public transport work, etc, etc. After a while, we settled in and a routine started.

That was the moment when I knew that I need to do something. This was a time when I can try something new, something exciting…. something creative – like BLOGGING. Actually, I was trying to find something opposite to my previous job. Because if a finance job lack something, it is a creativity. In finance you are expected NOT to be creative. This can actually get you in a jail. 😀

And that is how this journey started. I’m learning new things every day. I was able to connect and exchange ideas with the people around the world. I found on internet new friends, so I didn’t feel alone till I made new friends here, in my new home. I would like THANK YOU to all my readers. I would like thank you that you make time to read my thoughts. I’m happy that you like and comment my posts and pictures, here on the blog or on other social media.

I want you to know that it means the world to me.

Dress: Local market

Earrings,bracelets: Local market

Shoes/Shoes: Aldo