Happy Deepavali!

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It is Deepavali in Singapore! Every year, during the holiest month for Hindus, Little India lights up with thousands of lights. If you here around this time, you can’t miss it. Deepavali (or Diwali) is also called the Festival of Lights as it represents the symbolic victory of lights over the darkness. The celebration of Deepavali can be in October or November (based on the Hindu calendar). The celebration sometimes lasts for five days. It is something like Christmas for Christians.

What precisely in the Hindu legends that Deepavali commemorates is something of an open question, to which different answers are often given. Some say it celebrates the return of Rama to his throne after a 14-year banishment to the lonely forest lands by his evil stepmother. Others see the day as connected with the worship of Mahalakshmi, the Hindu goddess of light, good fortune, and prosperity. Most, however, take Deepavali’s background story to be the defeat of the wicked Narakasura by Krishna in an epic battle that ended in the people of Madura, India, welcoming the victor with lit up oil lamps.

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If you would like to feel the spirit of Deepavali and to experience the vibrant Indian culture, you can start with a colorful night bazaar at Little India. I wrote about my last year’s Deepavali experience in this POST. Yesterday I uploaded the video from the bazaar on my YouTube channel. Watch the video on the top of this post to get a taste.