How to style Jennifer Aniston’s outfit

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How to style Jennifer Aniston's outfit - plus size version

I was wondering how to style Jennifer Aniston’s outfit on the plus-size body. In my previous post, I recreated Jennifer Aniston’s look. Everybody knows that Jennifer Aniston is a beautiful and stylish lady. She looks amazing. Who would believe that she is going to be 51 this year? If I would like to characterize her style, I would use the word simplicity. She uses essential pieces in neutrals colors. This is how I imagine that the capsule wardrobe should look like.

Jennifer Aniston is rocking her chic and straightforward style. She is never trying too hard, and yet, every piece is thoroughly curated. She has a fantastic figure. And I’m sure that the potato bag will look perfect on her too. I was curious if the same outfit will be looking so staggering on my plus size body also. I read so many times that your size is just a number that the style is essential, and I needed proof.

It is not about the size you wear but the way you wear your size.


I can say that the recreation of Jennifer Aniston’s style was not only fun (and it was), but it was so much needed boosts of my self-confidence. I love the simplicity of this style. You look at the picture and you know exactly how to style Jennifer Aniston’s outfit. Everybody can do it. I’m sure that like me, you already have some or all the pieces already in your wardrobe. If you haven’t, here you can choose missing parts and recreate your own version of this look, doesn’t matter what size you are.

If you do recreate this style, send me a picture or tag me on IG (my handle is @glamadventure.

Black blazers

Black tops

Boyfriend jeans

Black high heels sandals

Golden earrings


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