Inspired by Little India

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Today is a bank holiday in Singapore. We are celebrating Deepavali (or Diwali). This is the most important holiday in India and among Indian all over the world. Something like Christmas for us. Deepavali is called Festival of Lights. That’s why Indians light clay lamps as a symbol of the inner light to protect them from darkness. Deepavali is a Hindu holiday. People are celebrating victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance and good over evil. That is something which can resonate with all religions.

I haven’t been to India yet. But we have Little India here in Singapore. Now is the best time to visit this vibrant and colorful district. Before the festival starts, people are shopping to prepare themselves and their homes. Now is here Deepavali Festival village happening. There you can find the traditional sweets, clothes, amazing home decorations, flower garlands and much more. Something for everybody.

We had such a great time there. We had nice lunch,  because you can’t visit Little India and not to try some authentic food. Yummy! I would love to try the henna painting. I’ll do it next time as the bazaar was very crowded. We visited Indian Heritage Centre as well. It is just behind the bazaar. As this is festive time, the entrance was free. Just look around, the inspiration is everywhere. I’m fascinated by the clothes. I love shops which are selling saris and salwaar kameez. So many colors, fabrics and prints! I think it is pretty clear where I get the inspiration for this outfit.  😉

Jacket: H&M



Earrings: LOVISA

Sunglasses: NEXT

Bag: local market at Bali, Indonesia


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