Is social media destroying our lives?

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There are so many discussions lately on the internet about social media. It is understandable. Social media is a very significant part of our lives now. But why so many opinions are negative? Is it true? Is social media destroying our lives? Let’s have a closer look.

Social media doesn’t show “real” life

Well, duh! How often do you post on Instagram? Two times? Three times? Maybe more? It doesn’t matter. Still, these are just a few moments of your life. Of course, it doesn’t show your whole life – the good, the bad, and the ugly. I’m looking on Instagram like on a photo album. What do you put to your photo album? The best things that happened, happy moments, things you want to remember. Because whenever I look back on my life, I want to remember good things.

Social media is destroying a friendship

I like to meet people. I prefer personal contact above all. I remember times before social media. Geee, it makes me feel old. o) There was no other option to make friends but personal interaction. But this is not always possible. When we moved to Singapore, I didn’t know a single soul here. Social media let me be with my friends, to share my new life with them, and to be part of their lives back home. Not mentioned that I was able to make some new friends. Without social media, I would be very lonely here.

Social media is destroying a family

I see this picture every day. The whole family is sitting around the table. Everybody has their own device and playing with it. They are not talking to each other. This is a sad picture. But is this social media fault? What if it is all about bad relationships within a family and social media just expose those. On the contrary, they can connect families if they are away from each other.

Social media is destroying your self-confidence

As human beings, we love to compare to other humans. So if you scroll your newsfeed in the morning full of beautiful people with great hair, makeup, and body with thousands of likes, then you look at the mirror at yourself could be a shock. It is easy to forget that this particular picture of some big influencer is one of the one thousand shots. That the whole team consists of a hairstylist, makeup artist and fashion advisors helped to prepare them for a photo shooting with a professional photographer. And the picture we see in our feed is heavily photoshopped and smoothed or otherwise “corrected.” How different is it from the shiny fashion magazines? The difference is that we can find on social media other people too. Those who never make it to the mentioned magazines. People who are different, unusual, strong-minded, funny, plus-sized, mid-sized, petite, raw, wise, etc. and from all age groups. So you can easily find somebody like-minded and be inspired.

The most critical question is: Who is behind social media? We, people. We are creating social media, so we can’t blame them for our mistakes. Social media is a fantastic tool. It is up to us to learn how we use it.

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