Khaki cargo pants

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Khaki fashion face mask

I updated my wardrobe a little bit, and my new favorite piece is KHAKI CARGO PANTS. It was pretty exciting, I must confess. I didn’t buy any clothes for months! I was looking for some nice pair of cargo pants for some time. They were often from very thick fabric, which is not suitable for the hot, humid weather. Finally, these ones were from a thin breathable material, and I love the color too.

History of cargo pants

Cargo pants are with us for quite a long time. Of course, they didn’t start as a women fashion item. Did you know that cargo pants were first worn in the 30’s last century by British Armed Forces? I understand why. They must be efficient. The pockets provided space and fast access to the ammunition and the other gear. Fashion discovered this type of pants in the ’90s. I don’t remember to wear them back then. I didn’t like them. They were too masculine to me.

Cargo pants in fashion now

Today, you can choose from many colors and fabrics. I like the classic army khaki color. The pockets are real and functional, but I’m not going to use them. They are just decoration for me. The appeal of those pants in women fashion is a styling contrast between masculine and feminine sides. I styled them the same way.

How to style khaki cargo pants on mid-sized or plus-sized body

Try to find the pants that are high waisted. It helps to cover the belly area and define the waist. At least, I prefer it that way. I have the feeling that the soft fabric already smoothens the roughness of the army’s looks. But the look needs more soft elements. If the pants represent the male element, the top must balance it. I chose the girly top with cute short frill sleeves and delicate lemon print. I use the french tuck in the front to show the waistline. I finish the look with the Birkenstocks sandals, straw bag, and the face mask in khaki color.

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw my post regarding face mask. As I mention a few times, wearing a mask in Singapore is mandatory. That’s why you will see my fashion pictures taking outside with cover following weeks. It is a part of our “new normal” situation. I intend to find some cute ones (if possible) and incorporate them into the looks. I already bought three new ones. The khaki one is the first one I represent as a part of the outfit, not only as a necessity with just one function.

Khaki cargo pants styled on midsized or plus-sezed body
Khaki cargo pants with girly top with frill sleeves and lemon print
Khaki cargo pants with girly top - balanced masculine and feminine elements
Straw bags
Birkenstocks sandals