Let’s set goals for this year and LINK UP

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I want this year to be different. I want this year to be more organised – on so many levels. Does it sound boring to you? Actually, it is very exciting. I believe it will keep my creativity alive and let me enjoy my life more. It means this year will be #konmari not only in the wardrobes and cupboards, but in my life as well.

Like I promised in my last post (HERE), now is the time to set some goals. I created my vision board and I know what I want. And goals will help me to get me closer to happy and balanced life. I have 5 categories of goals:


Here are the goals for all kind of relationships, it means not only for lovers. He can be goals for couple, for marriage, family, friends, etc.  All those relationships bring love to our lives and we should nourish and cherish them. There is always a space for improvement.

2. Health

I’m thinking, the health can be point 1. Here will be any goals which will help to improve our physical and mental (never forget about that part) health.

3. Passion

The passions mean everything which is giving our life joy – our hobbies, interests and generally everything what making us happy. This part is very often forgotten. We are so drowning in everyday’s duties, that it is hardly space for something else. But it should be, because our passions keeping us going and can help us in difficult times.

4. Work

Here will be goals for our professional development. Doesn’t matter what are you doing, what carrier you have, challenge yourself.

5. Money

This group represents financial health. It means how I get financial resources and how I use them.

I love to use SMART acronym for setting new goals. I use the goal “to loose the weight” like an example.

  • Specific – clearly stated goal (to loose the weight)
  • Measurable – how much (12 kg)
  • Achievable – it means 1 kg per month, it is not too much
  • Realistic – 1 kg a month is good and healthy from long point view
  • Timed – till 31.12.2019

Ready now? I am. In the next post I will write about my goals for year 2019.

A goal properly set is halfway reached. Zig Ziglar

Dress: NEXT

Cardigen: NEXT

Shoes: ALDO

Bag: local shop BALI

Earrings: local shop INDONESIA

Sunnies: ZAFUL


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The most popular/clicked look last week had Laurie from VANITY&ME. Congratulations!

My favourite look had Rama from CHEZ RAMA.

Now we can start new link up party:

Dear ladies (and gentlemen), let´s start My Red Carpet linkup. Every Tuesday you can stand on the imaginary red carpet to show your fabulous outfits. You can also get inspired by other bloggers. Every week I will select 2 looks – one the most clicked and one my favorite outfit in my next blog post and this outfit will be featured on my Instagram stories. And this is not all – once a month you can win a prize.

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