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People don’t like to talk about money. They will rather discuss with you politics or religion. I get that. We don’t want to brag or to compare ourselves with other people and feel bad (we are doing it anyway constantly). And many times we don’t want other people to know that we are struggling. We are vain. But maybe if we aren’t so vain, we can seek for advise or for help. 

I noticed that the money talk are really big struggle for partners too. This is what I saw with my parents. It couldn’t be easy as one parent is a compulsive saver and another one … well, let’s say another one has a bohemian approach to the spending. So money wasn’t never easy topic to discuss. That wasn’t positive experience.

I was hoping that my education in finance will prepare me better for managing my finance as adult. Well… again no. I have learnt to understand the the global economical cycles and the company economy, but somehow all this has never reflected into my home finance. 

Life is the best teacher. The year 2008 was great year for me and my education in finance. Two things happened – the global financial crisis and I had a child. Our earnings went down as I couldn’t work anymore. It was tough, I’m not gonna lie. But this experience taught me how to work with money we had, how to find hidden reserves, how to save money, how to live on the small budget and how to survive difficult financial situation. I’m so grateful for that lesson. 

That’s why the money are my 5th goal for this year. This goal has two parts:

  1. Expenses – to have all expenses under control and use the budget we have much better. 
  2. Earnings – increase the earnings. I already started with this part, as you know, that I got part time job. 

I wonder,  how are you managing the money talk in your relationship. Are you on the same page or it is always a stressful discussion?

Moving on to the fashion. These pictures were taken in Chinese Garden. It is one of my favourite places here in Singapore. I was trying to harmonize my look with the surroundings. There is a bold red color used on shoes. The red color symbolizes good fortune and happiness in Chinese culture.  The top has floral pattern reminding me of the Chinese paintings. The red color is always combine with gold, which is considered the most beautiful color. I have the gold color on the bag. 


Pants: Marks&Spencer

Shoes: NEXT


Sunglasses: ALDO


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Now we can start new link up party:

Dear ladies (and gentlemen), let´s start My Red Carpet linkup. Every Tuesday you can stand on the imaginary red carpet to show your fabulous outfits. You can also get inspired by other bloggers. Every week I will select 2 looks – one the most clicked and one my favorite outfit in my next blog post and this outfit will be featured on my Instagram stories. And this is not all – once a month you can win a prize.

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