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Sunday’s photoshooting, which remindeds me of beautiful memories of holidays in Italy.

Nedeľné fotenie, ktoré mi pripomenulo krásne spomienky na dovolenku v Taliansku.








MAMA WEARS PRADA • 5 months ago

Tento slamenný oversize klobúčik je úchvatný. :p Ja ich mám tiež v obľube.

Anna Shirley Mod  MAMA WEARS PRADA • 5 months ago

Ďakujeeeeem.Bola to láska na prvý pohľad.o)

Monika • 5 months ago

Anna, you look absolutely stunning….Real lady…

Anna Shirley Mod  Monika • 5 months ago

Thank you! It is much easier when you have such a good advisor as I have. o)

The Style Crone • 6 months ago

Love your blog and happy to have found you! You’re wearing a spectacular hat and thank you for sharing it and your beauty with Hat Attack!

Anna Shirley Mod  The Style Crone • 6 months ago

Thank you Judith. I love your blog and I am looking forward to be part of the next Hat Attack. Hats are back! o)

Sydney Fashion Hunter • 6 months ago

Beautiful hat! Found your blog through Elegantly Dressed Stylish. I host a link up every Wednesday (still live) so stop by if you get a chance.


Anna Shirley Mod  Sydney Fashion Hunter • 6 months ago

This hat was love at the first sight.o) Thank you for your comment and invitation. I be glad to be part of your link up.

Sydney Fashion Hunter  Anna Shirley • 6 months ago

I can definately see why! Sometimes you have to just go with your first instinct 🙂

jess • 6 months ago

Hello! So glad to meet you. I look forward to learning more about you and your blog. Love the necklace! I could use a longer necklace like this! I am loving your bag and hat, I am such a bag girl. YOu look great!!

Thank you for participating in Turning Heads Tuesday!

jess xx


Anna Shirley Mod  jess • 6 months ago

Jess, thank you for stopping by and your lovely comment.o) Both, the necklace and the bag, are gifts from my sister. Like I mentioned in my comment bellow – she is such a great stylist. I like participate in link-up like “Turning Heads Tuesday, because you can meet there so beautiful and creative ladies from blogosphere.
I look forward to reading more post from you on your blog.

Natalia Lialina • 6 months ago

You are such a beauty! Great hat and necklace!

Anna Shirley Mod  Natalia Lialina • 6 months ago

The necklace is a gift from my sister. She is such a good stylist.

Anna Shirley Mod  Natalia Lialina • 6 months ago

Thank you Natalia. The hat is a great accessory. I wish that more women wear it.o)