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The Valentine day is coming soon. Do you celebrate this holiday? We didn’t so much in the past.  This festivity was implemented to our culture so for a very long time I didn’t feel the connection. The date didn’t appeal to me either. February? Really? I understand the historical origin (I googled it 😉 ), but February has a cold grey sad weather. This is not really stimulating the romantic feelings, is it?

As I used past tense in the first paragraph, you already know, that I changed my mind. One reason is because I live in tropical island and cold weather is not a issue anymore.  😎 But the most important reason is that I welcome any reason for celebrating a love. Doesn’t matter if it is in calendar or not. But Valentine’s day is very nice excuse for some romantic dinner. Not that we need any.

When I was thinking what goal to choose for this year from the LOVE category, I was considering all kind of relationships. It took me so many years to understand, that not all relationships I’m in are good for me. And I still need to close some things in me from the past and painful experiences. And there are things that maybe can’t be closed, but I need to make sure that they don’t hurt me anymore. But for the main goal for this year I chose a romantic love.

My husband and I, we know each other 28 years. There were ups and downs along the way, like in every relationship. But in the end of the day, we are strong team. If you would like to know how strong you are as a couple, move to another country, preferably to other side of the world. 😀 Than you realize that there is just two of you against the world. Not literally, of course. But the pressure is there. You don’t have safety net of your family and friends. You are on your own. And we are here and happy. I’m proud of us. But we need more time for us as a couple to keep that sparkle going on.

So let’s put my goal in the LOVE category to the S.M.A.R.T. test (read HERE if you would like to know more about this):

  • Specific – Have a regular date with my hubby.
  • Measurable – once a month
  • Achievable – combination of a paid baby sitting and exchange of a babysitting with my friends
  • Realistic – If we set a date 1-2 weeks in prior, it is manageable.
  • Timed – a few hour on Friday or Saturday night (or any other time when the babysitting is available).

Maybe it sounds like something very simple, but it is not so easy to find people you can trust to stay at home with your child. You need some friends or friends recommendations. This is something which takes time if you foreigner in the country you live in. After 4 years like an expat in Singapore, everything is different. We made some new friends, life is much easier now. This is time for us.

I wonder, how are you keeping the romance going on in your relationship? 


“You are my greatest adventure.” The Incredibles





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Necklace: LOVISA


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