Midlife and LINK UP 32

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I’m in my midlife. Am I dramatic with this announcement? Yes, I’m a little bit. I didn’t enter the midlife this morning. It is going on for some years now. I know the date on the birth certificate, and I have a mirror.
And yet, I’m feeling like Joye Tribbiani when he was celebrating his birthday. o)


Why is it so difficult for me to accept that I approached what is called “a certain age” or that I’m “a woman of a certain age.” Gosh, I hate these words. What is it with that expression that makes me so squeamish? It might be because this is a euphemism to avoid saying that you are old. And I don’t feel old. I don’t feel old at all.

Let’s see what the Oxford Dictionary has to tell about this expression. “If you talk about a person being of a certain age, you mean that you are no longer young but not yet old. ” (Source). That isn’t so bad, is it? I can live with that. However, I hesitate to acknowledge and embrace my midlife. It seems like previous decades of my life was so great that I missed them. Let’s see if I would like to go back (if something like this will be possible):

Teens: Oh, would anybody go back to these crazy years? I don’t.
Early 20’s: That was pretty difficult times. I had two jobs I studied at University, and I was in serious relationships. I was in love, I was happy, but I also woke up at 4.45 am every morning as I was commuting to another city. It felt like juggling to manage everything. How did I survive that?
Late 20’s: I got my university diploma. I got married and moved to another country to look for a better carrier – so many possibilities and so many mistakes. I was doing the job I knew I’ll never like, but it brought a nice income. I was insecure and not very confident. I definitely don’t want to go back to that.
Early 30’s: It is time to settle. Living in another country to obtain our own home wasn’t easy. But we did it. We were finally ready to welcome a child, but infertility issues kicked in. If somebody went through this, you know how heartbroken that is. Many marriages didn’t survive that.
Late 30’s: We did survive, and we finally welcome a new member of our family — such a happy time. And a very challenging and exhausted. You know – motherhood.

If I look back, that was great years. I learned a lot, and I grew like a person. There were beautiful moments and difficult moments. But I don’t want to go back to these years. I still feel insecure about a lot of things, but I know myself very well now. These years have challenges, too, and I’m going to write about them.

Midlife, welcome! I’m going to enjoy you as much as possible.

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