My kindness is NOT a weakness

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My parents always  taught me to be kind. They told me to be considerate and looking out for other people. And this is very important. If we would like to coexist somehow in the society, the basic human decency is necessary. And life is so much better if people around you are nice and show you some kindness. Everything you need to deal with that day is much easier if somebody smiles on you, greets you with happy “Good morning”, helps you with something, etc., etc.

As a mum, I teach this next generation. Actually, it was one of the first things I was teaching my son. And I get it, to be kind isn’t always easy even for us adults. Sometimes we don’t have a good day, we aren’t feeling good  or simply just “life” happened and we don’t feel like to be kind. But we should try our best.

I’m sure that you can feel there is some “but” here. And there is. There is something what my parents DID NOT TELL me and what I have learnt a hard way. And I’m not going to do the same mistake with my son. I was expected that if I’m kind to the people, they will be kind to me as well. Oh no! Not always. There are people who see the kindness and interpret it in a different way. What they see is the naivety, the dullness and the vulnerability. They see the weakness. Those people will try to use you and to take advantage of you. I need to teach my son to stop these people immediately. I need to teach him to tell them to stop and kick them out of his life.

Because my kindness is not a weakness!

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Dress: Local market

Earrings,rings,necklace: Lovisa

Shoes/Shoes: Aldo



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