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If there is something I can´t be without , so that the scarves. I wear them often and I like them. They can make an ordinary outfit outstanding. Just one scarf and I can start to play.

 Ak je niečo, bez čoho by som sa sa v svojom šatníku neobišla, tak to sú šatky. Nosím ich často a rada. a dokážu urobiť obyčajný outfit výnimočný. Stačí jedna šatka a možem sa hrať.


Classic for office

Kasika do kancelárie



Girls night out

Večer s dievčatami



Walk on the beach

Prechádzka po pláži



50´s last century working girl

Pracujúce dievča 50-te roky minulého storočia




  • Avatar

    Very cool ideas!

  • Avatar

    Wow! I love how you’ve styled the scarf.
    So creative.
    would love to try some of the styles.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.…

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    That is all one scarf? Color me impressed! You win the “Hat Trick” prize!
    Thank you so much for linking up. I love meeting new people this way

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    Aha! I found you! I was trying to match your photo on your blog to the Hat Attack story. You stopped over at my post about rainbow scarves.
    Lovely to talk to you. Thanks for your comment. You look like you understand the fun scarves can be!
    I’m glad you are giving colour another go…you look great in it!
    To answer your question, burgundy is now marsala because marketing says so. I never heard of this Pantone colour of the year before I started blogging. I think it’s just a bit of fun!
    I wish you well in your job hunt. I do not envy you! All the best, and hopefully I’ll see you around again some time 🙂 Jazzy Jack

    • Avatar

      Thank you for stopped-by and your lovely comment. Now I understand marsala-burgundy topic.o) I´ll learn more about colours. I am looking forward to read more from you on your blog.o)

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    Thank you Judith. I am looking forward to see more your hat attack inspirations.o)

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    You look gorgeous in your headscarf. Thank you for sharing your beauty with Hat Attack!