Passion in my life and My Red Carpet fashion LINK UP 8

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I have a simple question for you. What makes you happy? The question is simple, right? The answer – not so much.

Do you know what it is what makes you happy? Lucky you. I know the girl. When she was asked in the kindergarten what she would like to be, her answer was: “I’ll be a doctor.” But you know children in this age, they don’t really know. They want to be something what they saw in the cartoon, or maybe their mum was reading to them about this and it sounded really interesting or they just want to follow the great example they have at home and follow theirs daddy’s paths. Not this girl. She was growing up and the answer in primary school was the same. And later as well. And she is a doctor now. This girl knew her passion in the very young age. But this is very rare.

I feel that this is not happening for majority of us. Definitely, not for me. Do you remember how it was when you were teenagers? I was full of hopes and dreams and flirting with a few ideas about my future. I was 18 years old when the real life kicked in. I got my first job, started studying on the university, I was roped into helping with my mother’s business during the weekends and I had to take care about my younger sister (teenager than) and the household. I was waking up at 4.45 am and went to sleep at 11 pm. There was no time even think about the passions in my life.

Later I got married and moved to another city. I had nice 9-5 job. Family. Friends. Hobbies. Life was good. But I kind of gave up pursuing to find my passion. I was thinking that it just wasn’t meant to be. But we need this little extra thing to makes us happy, to energize us, to add some extra meaning to our lives. We need some passions. That’s why I’m very grateful that I have the possibility to pursuing my passions. And blogging is one of them.

If you are blogging, you know it is not easy all the time. It is time consuming. It is not possible to do it without the passion. I have a lot of doubts. I even stopped blogging last years because of them. But I started again. Because I know that passions is there. I know that I want to continue. I want to be better. And this is my goal for the passion group of goals. And If will succeed, the blog statistic will tell me that.  😀


Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you. Oprah Winfrey


And a few words about the look. I feel I need again to try some flower pattern. It is so connected to the sunny surrounding full of greenery. I like to break a pattern a little bit with the yellow jacket. I feel so inspired with some looks I saw on IG where ladies were wearing the hat, so I added the hat as well. I think my a few years younger me dressed in all black would  be astonished to see me in a such colorful look.  😎

Dress: NEXT

Jacket: local shop SG

Shoes: NEXT


Sunglasses: ALDO


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The most popular/clicked look last week had Nancy from Nancy’s Fashion Style.  Congratulations!

My favourite look had Charlotte from JODIE’S TOUCH OF STYLE.

Now we can start new link up party:

Dear ladies (and gentlemen), let´s start My Red Carpet linkup. Every Tuesday you can stand on the imaginary red carpet to show your fabulous outfits. You can also get inspired by other bloggers. Every week I will select 2 looks – one the most clicked and one my favorite outfit in my next blog post and this outfit will be featured on my Instagram stories. And this is not all – once a month you can win a prize.

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