Plus size thrifting in Singapore – tips and LINK UP 41

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Plus size thrifting in Singapore - animal print tunic

Plus size thrifting in Singapore isn’t an easy task. But I promised myself that this year I’d be more proactive and I’ll do my part of reducing fast fashion. Thrifting is one way how to do it. And it makes me somehow happy that I can give another life to the piece of clothing.

Once again, I went to the Praishaven Mega Family Thrift Store. It was quite a natural choice because last time I found a cute dress there and they have changing rooms. This is a blessing for me. I’m quite new in thrifting. I did a few times shopping like that back home, but it never was a permanent habit. I tried this a just few times last year, and I have already learned a few things.

Don’t have expectations

If you are looking for something specific, you will be disappointed. So if you are looking for a white lace blouse, I’m pretty sure that you wouldn’t find it. Go thrifting with an open mind, look for a blouse, and you might be more successful.

Take your time

If shopping in the brick and mortar store is taking quite a time, thrifting will take double or triple that time. Take into consideration that clothing is maybe organized by categories but not by sizes. It means that you have to go through all hangers until you find your size. Do you have the same experience in your country as I have in Singapore, or your shop is organized by sizes as well?

Buy only clothing which fits you

That’s why I chose the shop mentioned above, as they have changing rooms and I can try everything. If it is not your size or the cut is not flattering on you, don’t take it. As the plus-size clothing doesn’t have a wide range, I often feel like I need to take the second-best thing – something which is not perfect, but it is good enough. Later, I’m always unsatisfied, and I’m not particularly eager to wear it.

Buy only thing which you can easily include in your wardrobe

Even if you find something which is your size and fits you, but you have nothing to pair it with, don’t take it. Try to come up with the five looks you can have with the new piece if you combine it with the clothing you already have. You have it? You can buy it.

Don’t be afraid to leave empty-handed

Many times you don’t find anything. And it is OK. Thrifting is something like treasure hunting for me. Sometimes you find nothing, and sometimes there is a gem.

My last plus size thrifting in Singapore was pretty successful. I found this cute animal print tunic. I pair it with the black leggings, black boots, and my lovely Liu Jo bag. If you noticed the suede blue high heels from my previous post, where I recreated Jennifer Anisont’s look, those I bought there as well.

Plus size thrifting in Singapore - pretty animal print tunic in red tones
Plus size thrifting in Singapore - the animal print tunic with black jeans and black boots
Plus size thrifting in Singapore - black Liu Jo bag as a nice compliment to the thrifted animal print tunic

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