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For some time I am about to write some  “island” series of articles. Singapore has one main island and 62 smaller. Of course, not all of them are available. Few of them serves as a nice place for the short getaway. As a native landsman without access to the sea, it fascinates me. The  boat trip to nearby islands are very popular here. First, a little change of view (which is important in a such small country, because otherwise it may lead to “cabin fever”) and a picnic on the seashore is always a good choice.

KUSU is a small island. It has about 85,000 square meters. From Marina South Pier, it is only 3.86 kilometers and we were there for less than an hour, and we had stops on St.John’s Island about 15 minutes. We went by public transport. It is possible to hire the water taxi. That we have not had the opportunity to try yet. The name of the island „KUSU“ means „Turtles“ in Chinese. The name is linked to the nice legend. The legend says  that a giant turtle saved from drowning two shipwrecked sailors – one was Chinese and Malay the second. In return they built a Chinese temple  and a Malay shrine on the island.

Whenever we are going somewhere, I read the various reviews and others travelers blogs. If I like something or not, I can figure out by myself. But it is good to find out in advance some advice or recommendations. There was one short review from the lady about this island that amused me.  It sounded like this: “We were terribly bored, there is nothing to do there.” Of course – sea, palm trees and sand. What it possible to do there???? I have no idea.  Do you have some?  😆


Bring your own food and drinks with you, on the island aren’t shops nor restaurants.


If your tired of this triple combination and a picnic basket is already empty, it may be a good time to have look at two holy places referred to in the legend. Taoists make annually (ninth lunar month) pilgrimage to the Temple Da Bogong (Tua Pek Kong) and pray for good health, peace, happiness and prosperity. It was built in 1923 with money donated by wealthy businessman Chia Cheng Ho.

Muslims visit the shrine – Kramat Kusu. It was built in memory of pious family of  Sayed Abdul Rahman, his mother Nenek Ghalib and his sister Puteri Fatimah, who lived in the 19th century. There you have to hike uphill 152 stairs. Usually childless couples come here and pray for a child to start a family. People write their prayers and wishes also on the rock next to shrine.

It is a small island indeed. But it is a perfect and easy accessible getaway for one day.


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