The olive maxi dress in Gardens by the Bay

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Woman in olive maxi dress with mustard yellow headband, mustard yellow circular bag and mustard yellow sneakers in Gardens by the Bay in Singapore.

I’m so happy that we could take pictures of me in the olive maxi dress in Gardens by the Bay. Let me rephrase this sentence: I’m so happy that we can GO OUTSIDE. I always took this for granted. I’m so grateful that the pandemic situation in Singapore is so well managed, that we can have an almost normal life. Almost. Life indeed lost its spontaneity. You can’t just wake up and say: “It is a beautiful day, let’s go to ZOO”. It is not so easy now. First, you have to have tickets (obviously), and the second – you need to secure a time slot (as the number of people needs to be regulated).

There are still places where you can just go without timeslots, like for example parks. One of my favorites parks in Singapore is Gardens by the Bay. If you are following me on Instagram, you already saw so many beautiful pictures we took there. The park has 110 hectares neighboring the Marina Reservoir, so I’m sure I didn’t discover all of the beautiful spots and nooks.

We found there the perfect location to take pictures of this Zara olive maxi dress. We need to wait to take pictures, as there were two other teams taking pictures for blogs as well. The one tree, in particular, caught my eyes. It has beautiful colorful leaves imitating the colors of the fall n my country. Of course, there is not such a season in Singapore, but the resemblance is uncanny.

I buying clothes mostly online, but never in Zara. This brand is hit or miss for me. I am happy that they carry my size. But many times my size is available online, but not in brick mortar shop. Even I know what is my size, I need to try clothes, to be sure, that they fit perfectly. This cute olive dress was available in the shop, so I could try it and I loved it immediately. I like the combination of masculine and feminine details. I like that the structure of the dress defines the waist, which is flattering for my hourglass figure. I’m looking forward to finding other eye-pleasing places in this park.

How is the situation in your country? Are you able to go outside?

Olive green maxi dress form Zara in Gardens by the Bay, Singapore.
Glamadventure in olive maxi dress from Zara in Gardens by the bay styled with mustard yellow head scarf mustard yellow bag and mustard yellow sneakers.
Throwing rocks into small lake in Gardens by the Bay, Singapore.
Lake in Garden by the Bay
The view to the Cloud Forest Dome from Gardens by the Bay.