What to pack for Bali – clothes list and LINK UP 38

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The farmer on the rice fields in the cotton sarong

Are you planing your Bali trip, and you are wondering what to pack for Bali? I prepared a clothes list that will help you to pack exactly what you will need there without overpacking and paying an overweight baggage fee.

Climate in Bali

Bali is approximately 935 km south from the equator. The island has a tropical climate, so it is hot the whole year. Temperatures various between 20 – 33 C. There are two seasons – dry (April to September) and rainy (October to March). Humidity is much higher during the rainy season.

What material to wear

Due to tropical weather, you will need lightweight, breathable clothes. The best fabric is a lightweight cotton. It is what local people use as well. The lightweight synthetic fabric will do, but not the cheap ones. Those have a high possibility that your skin can be irritated. My skin is quite sensitive, so I have to be always careful. Even if you usually don’t have any problems, in the hot climate, your skin can be different. If you want to use synthetic materials, look for some special thermoregulating materials, which help the sweat evaporate.

The list of clothes to pack for your trip to Bali


Take at least two pairs with you. I’m taking three pairs always with me. So I’m sure that I still have one dry pair ready. If you are going for a day trip, wear a bikini underneath your clothes. Whenever you find a beautiful beach or some amazing waterfall, you will be ready.


A few t-shirts with short sleeves. You will wear those every day.

Skirts or/ and shorts

Whatever is more comfortable for you.

Bike shorts

You can use it under the skirt or dress in case you have thigh chafing problems as in the hot climate; it could be worse than ever. If you are midsize or plus size, you know what I’m talking about. Oh, this struggle is real. o)

Romper or jumpsuit

I can recommend taking those instead of skirts and dresses. It looks good, they are comfy, and you don’t need to wear bike shorts underneath due to chafing problems mentioned above.

Summer dresses

What every type you like – short, midi or maxi or all of them. Important is that they are lightweight.

Cocktail dress

A cute cocktail dress will be handy when you are planning some nice dinner in the resort or some other pricey establishments or for clubbing.


You will appreciate in the more chilly mornings or evenings or when you are riding a motorbike. There are not so many airconditioned spaces there, so otherwise, you will be fine.


This might be the alternative to the sweater, so you can cover yourself when it is a little bit chilly for you. You can even have a lot of fun with scarfs and wear them as a sarong, top, skirts, headscarves, etc.

Activewear/gym wear

It depends on what activities do you plan for your trip. If you are planning hiking a volcano, keep in mind that the temperature on the top of the volcano is significantly colder than on the ground, and you will need long hiking pants. Maybe you are planning to do some yoga classes or use a gym in your hotel, so take your gym wear with you.


Some lightweight easy to pack raincoat is the item you will always be good to have with you. It will be even more useful during the rainy season.


Tradition sarong will be useful, especially when visiting temples. I already have one, so I’m packing it with me. If you don’t have, don’t worry, it always possible to rent one before the entrance of the temple. Alternatively, you can use a long scarf as a sarong for the beach. For the temple entrance, follow the instruction of the staff there.

Gently reminder

I know when I say Bali, you have the beaches and swimming in the sea in your mind, and you see yourself in the swimming suit the whole time. And it is true. You will do these activities a lot. But don’t go shirtless or in a bikini on the streets, to shops, and restaurants, not to mention temples. The local people are dressing conservatively. Follow their example and cover yourself.

I hope that this list of clothes helps you with what to pack for your Bali trip.

Tegalalang rice fields
Farmer's tool on the rice fields
Lightweight jumpsuit
Animal print jumpsuit and hat

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