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In my last post, I admitted to myself that I reached midlife. I think that so far, it is pretty clear that I have quite a difficult time to embrace this stage of life. (You can read the post HERE in case you missed it). I think this is a time when you start (maybe for the very first time) to think about aging. Everybody at some point needs to deal with the aging. I have a feeling that my journey will be a bumpy road. o)

I would like to define midlife first. I was trying to find out at what age the midlife is starting. It seems that the exact answer doesn’t exist. I found different numbers – at 30, 35, 40, 45, and some articles stated that the midlife started when you are 50 years old. The same is when you would like to define the end of midlife. You can find various answers as well – from 50 to 70 years old.

I think that the definition of midlife is changing from century to century and from generation to generation. It is understandable. The progress in medicine, technology, and science generall causes that we live longer. That means we will need to continue to redefine what midlife means.

To understand how significant changes happened to people (the longevity wise) in the last few centuries, let’s have a peep into the past. Let’s imagine that I’m living in England, where I would be in my life at my current age in the past (SOURCE):
1500: I would be dead. The average lifespan is 33.9 years.
1700: Still dead. The average lifespan is 38.5 years.
1800: The average lifespan is a little bit better – 40 years. But no fun for me. I would be still dead.
1900: Finally, I could be still alive. Not for long thou, as the average lifespan is 46.9.
1950: Much better – the average lifespan is 68.7 years.
2000: We jumped to 77.8 years.
2014: The last info is from this year, and we are at 81 years.

Let’s establish for now that midlife is when the person’s age is between 45 and 65 years. We will talk about this once more in 10 years, and most likely, we will change this definition again.

Do you agree with this definition?

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