Where should you place Instagram hashtags?

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The illustrative picture for the blog post Where should you place IG hashtags.

Are you curious where should you place Instagram hashtags – within the caption or in the first comment? This is one of the most common questions I get. Usually, the reason is the concern if the incorrect placement is affecting the engagement of the post, which could reduce interactions.

What is a hashtag

Let’s first define what a hashtag is. If you are a newbie and just starting with social media, you should know that you will come across this expression pretty regularly. A hashtag is a keyword, phrase, or sentence that follows a hashtag symbol (#). A hashtag can contain letters, numbers, or even emoticons. It describes what is in the picture or video.

Why we use hashtags

Hashtags help search for specific content on Instagram using keywords. Hashtags, therefore, categorize the content. The hashtags are clickable. If you do so, Instagram will show you all the posts marked with this hashtag. For example, if you have your bakery, where you bake and decorate donuts and you want more people to find your business on Instagram, you add the hashtag #donut to your post.

The picture illustrating the search on Instagram if you search the hahshtag donut.

Where should you place Instagram hashtags?

So let’s go back to our question of where it is best to place Instagram hashtags. From the point of view of the engagement of the post, it does not matter whether you insert them directly into the caption or into the first comment. Your post will be added to this hashtag anyway. However, the aesthetic aspect plays a role in deciding where to write hashtags. If you add hashtags to the first comment, the captions to the posts look neater. If you still want to add them directly to the caption, use formatting and separate the label text from the hashtags with space.


You can place hashtags either directly into the caption of the post or into the first comment. It does not affect the engagement of the post and the interaction. To make the post text look neater and spammy, separate the text of the caption and hashtags by adding a space, or add hashtags to the first comment.

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