White-burgundy maxi dress

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We are having rainy season in Singapore, so it is not so easy to take pictures. And rain here in no joke. Maybe I should do “Dancing in the rain” type of pictures. 😀 You might have more chances to take some pictures indoors now. We recently visited Gardens by the Bay (HERE is the post if you would like to know more).

This is a place that every every blogger can dream off. Amazing building from the architecture point of view and full of beautiful flowers. If you are blogger, instagrammer or youtuber and you are taking pictures or videos on public, you know there is this strange feeling. People are staring at you and you don’t feel very comfortable. At least, this is how I feel. I feel much better now than on the beginning though. I was always trying to find some secluded places.

Now I’m much more comfortable with such situations. But you don’t need to feel any discomfort in the Flower Dome. Because everybody around you is doing the same – looking for the best angle and trying to take the best shot. People even line up patiently and wait for the most busiest spots. I did it too.

Can you guess which picture is from such a spot?




Denim jacket: EDITORS MARKET

Earrings: local market Indonesia


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