Why you need a website for business

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Let’s have a closer look at why you need a website for your business. “I don’t need a website,” a friend of mine answered when I asked about his business website and continued, “I have a Facebook.” Trying to achieve my goals (Let’s talk money) , I did a little research on using sites with people around me who have a small business. I agree that social media may substitute for some of the features of a website. However, they cannot replace it.

Here are 14 reasons why you need a website for business:

You are where your clients are

Stop for a moment, and look around you. What are the people around you doing? They’re probably just looking into their phones, so they’re online. What are they doing there? They are either looking for fun or need to find a solution to their problem. And as they search online, you should be where they can find you.

Full control

If you have your website, you have complete control over the information you post about your business and the products or services you provide and how you communicate with the world.

One platform for everything

The website is the center of your business. It fulfills the role of information, partly customer support, marketing, can be an online business, and help with other things. Social cannot take all these features. One important thing to remember – you don’t own social networks. And even if you are now excellent at turning fans into your clients, it can change quickly. Conditions will change (you know what I’m talking about – “Terms and conditions” – which everyone clicks off without reading). You might lose your social media account, be blocked, algorithms can work differently, or this social media can disappear completely. Social media are a great marketing tool, but your site is the center of your entire business.

It creates trust

Your website is likely to be the very first thing your potential clients will see when they get in touch with you, thus enabling you to make an excellent first impression.

The website accepts orders for you 24/7

You are no longer at work, buying groceries, enjoying time with your family, or pursuing your hobbies, and your site is still accepting orders. Even at night, when you sleep.

Brand building

Your website is a great place to spread awareness of your brand and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Convenient customer access

The customer has convenient access to all information about you as a company, detailed information about your products and services, and knows where to find you. If you sell online, you can buy your product or service straight away when it suits you and where it suits you.

Low cost

Having a website doesn’t cost much money today. Of course, it depends on who will create it and the complexity of the site.

The site allows you to think globally

Can you make a great product, but only the extended family and your friends know about it? Maybe it is time to start thinking globally and get your products to the whole city, all over the country and why not to the entire world. Your website can have this impact.

It will help with email marketing

You must build a list of your clients’ email contacts from the beginning. This will allow you to communicate directly with your current and potential customers. As I mentioned in section 3, if you lose access to your social media account for some reason, you will lose access to your followers (potential customers).

Attracts customers to your physical store

Even if you have “only” a brick-and-mortar store, the website will allow your customers to find you there. Many people search online before buying a product or service. They like to view photos or watch reviews. Therefore, your site can be such an online shop window.

It will increase the chances of attracting investors

If you have a Start-up or new project and you need investors to finance it, your website will help you to present your business plan. Here you can show why your idea is original, unique, and different from the competition.

The site can change your hobby to the secondary income and later to the primary income

Do you have a hobby that you love and would like to combine the pleasant with the useful and turn it into a significant profit over time? Start a website, start writing about it.

It creates a community

Your website can associate people with similar interests and allow them to exchange opinions and experiences. So you don’t have to rely solely on social media to create an online community connected to your products and services. Such a fan community will help you build and support your brand.


These are the reasons why you need a business website. Today’s time requires your online presence. Even if you only have a business or small business. The same is true if you are planning business for the future.

Source: Prečo potrebujete webové stránky pre podnikanie

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