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The diversity in Singapore has many perks. To have many public holidays are one of those. Last Monday was one of those days. Thursday and Friday were a school holiday. Great for family time, less good for blogging. There wasn’t easy to sit down and to write a blog post. That’s why there wasn’t one last week. If I’m thinking about it, it is not so easy to work from home.

It is a general view that it is very easy and comfortable to work from home. But it is not. Sometimes it is too comfortable. There are so many things that distracted you from your work. That’s why it is good to set some rules which they help you get the job done.

Because to work in the office was easy. I came to the office, made my coffee, sat down, and started. There wasn’t anything else – no laundry waiting, no dishes, no shopping list, no new series on Netflix, no new book lying on the desk, etc. At home, you can start whenever you want. Sometimes it means that you don’t start at all. These are tips that are helping me to concentrate.

1. Dedicated workplace

Do you have a home office? Fantastic. But it doesn’t need to be a special room. It will be fine if you dedicate to your work one part of a room or just one place at the table. When you sit there, it means that you are working.

2. Dress for office

I know the most appealing perk from to work home is to work on your couch in sweatpants. Or even better – in pajamas. I get that. But it helps me when I dress like for office. OK, almost like for office. o) And a little bit of makeup doesn’t hurt either.

3. Create rituals

I like to put my notebook on the table, I prepare my diary and pens next to it. Then I make my coffee. When the cup of fresh coffee is on the table, this is my start.

4. Prepare a glass of water

This can be part of your ritual. But I would like to mention this separately. I know how it is to immerse in writing and totally forget to drink. If you have a glass of water in your arms reach, it will be easier to track your water intake.

4. Make a plan

Prepare a plan or to-do list for today. It helps to organize your thoughts and give you some time frame for your work. You can write it down on the paper or use some apps. Whatever you fancy.

5. Turn TV off

TV is a big disturbance. I never understand how somebody can work with TV on. I’m always trying to watch what is there and there is making the work process very long.

6. Music

This is very individual. A lot of people like to have music on when they are working. For me, it is important what kind of music and volume. I love all kinds of music, but for work, it is only soft jazz for me.

7. Stand up

This is important. It is very good for our bodies to stand up for a time to time. It is easier to set an alarm clock for this. I have iWatch to check that for me. At least once an hour, stand up, do a few steps or do a quick exercise.

It is very popular to work from home. It has a lot of advantages, but it is not for everybody. Such work requires quite a big determination.

Do you have some more tips on how to work from home? Let me know in the comments.

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